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Acceptance: How It Can Help You

In my experience, most of the suffering in our lives is because we want our world to be different than what is present.  We keep repeating and reliving stories in our minds as to what we think should happen, or how someone should respond, or how we think life should return to us what we put into it.  We cannot heal what is not true.  And if we are not honest with ourselves and truthful with what is present, we will never have a different outcome.  I am not suggesting that we just allow what has showed up in our world to be a situation or pattern we can never change.  I am suggesting, however, that how we continue to create our lives needs to be looked at from a totally renewed perspective.  Acceptance is a crucial factor in healing all situations… something we rarely come to terms with.  If we are truly present with “what is”, in this moment, without any predictions of outcomes, without trying to change anything, renewed energy has the opportunity to enter.  This is where the miraculous can arise.  I will keep this simple.  Be honest with what is in your life.  Accept what is present even if you don’t like it.  If you learn to be in this space without any continued stories, something more can enter.  I invite you to entertain these thoughts and see what may unfold for you.   

Diane DuPre’, Intuitive Energy Healer

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