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Lehigh Valley Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Centre Embraces All Facets of Eastern Wellness

By Sheila Julson 

People often call David Molony an acupuncturist, but he prefers “Oriental Medicine practitioner,” since the latter term more accurately reflects the services that he and his wife, Ming ming, provide at Lehigh Valley Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Centre. David, and Ming ming—who grew up in China and had watched her father practice acupuncture—each have advanced training and experience in all facets of Oriental Medicine, including diet, nutrition, herbal medicine, massage, and of course, acupuncture. 

“When we first started our practice in 1988, acupuncture was the most recognized aspect of Oriental Medicine,” David says. “But Oriental Medicine is much more inclusive than acupuncture; acupuncture is just one of the fingers on the hand of Oriental Medicine.” He notes that like Ayurveda, naturopathic or even conventional medicine, Oriental Medicine is also field that uses a combination of tools to help someone get well. 

David and Ming ming’s Oriental Medicine toolbox is geared toward helping the body heal itself. “Oriental Medicine is best at making you stronger and more balanced, and when you’re stronger and more balanced, the body can heal itself,” David explains. They specialize in physical medicine, which addresses a range of ailments including back, neck or shoulder pain; sleep disorders; skin issues; migraines; and digestive problems. Ming ming also specializes in women’s health issues, including infertility. Oriental Medicine can also be particularly effective to help prevent heart and cardiovascular issues.

“Acupuncture helps heal the blood and open the channels to help the heart because it works with the body’s meridians, and meridians control the heart, blood vessels and nerves,” Ming ming says. “Acupuncture helps create homeostasis; it calms the mind and helps the body function better.” In addition, David and Ming ming use herbal formulas, supplements such as coenzyme Q10 and nutritional guidance to promote cardiovascular health.

Customized approaches

A patient’s initial visit to Lehigh Valley Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Centre often runs one to two hours. During that time, David or Ming ming record a patient’s chief complaints, get a detailed health history and use tongue and pulse diagnosis to determine imbalances. They create a customized treatment plan for each patient. Patient education is a large component toward treatment, and David and Ming ming give people the knowledge they need to maintain health and wellness long after they walk out the door.

Practicing Oriental Medicine for 30 years has allowed David and Ming ming the opportunity to try all styles of acupuncture. “Because we use a wide variety of styles of acupuncture, we have the experience necessary to pick the one that best fits each person,” David says. Those styles include Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zhang Fu, Five Elements, neurological point treatment and battlefield acupuncture, an emerging method developed in 2001 by Air Force Dr. Richard Niemtzow, who was seeking to streamline treatment to quickly reduce pain in fast-paced environments.

“Oriental Medicine is a whole different process than conventional medicine,” David says. “Sometimes you need conventional medicine, and we’ll refer out when western medicine might be needed. Oriental Medicine is a good conjunction with other fields of medicine—both conventional and alternative.” 

The adjoining Qi Spa, which David and Ming ming added in 2011, provides massage, a detoxifying infrared sauna and vitamin D light therapy. People feel good when they look good, so Ming ming has added facials, pedicures and manicures to the spa menu. Ming ming also specializes in acupuncture facelifts. Both the spa and the clinic have a tranquil ambiance with customized tile work, art and soothing music. The couple takes a lighthearted, personable approach and injects humor into patient interactions to help them relax.

David and Ming ming shared their expertise in a book they authored, Complete Guide to Chinese Herbal Medicine, aimed toward providing the layperson with herbal medicine basics. They’re active in the Lehigh Valley community and participate in wellness events such as the Spiritual Expo. David is striving to heal the nation’s political divide by gathering signatures to run as the Republican candidate for State Representative in Pennsylvania’s 133rd District. Molony had served in positions with various Oriental Medicine organizations, and he had helped write and promote state laws to legalize acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. “I want to represent my district, not a political party,” he concludes. “It all ties into healing, as individuals and as a nation.”

Lehigh Valley Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Centre is located at 101 Bridge St., Catasauqua. For more information, call 610-264-2755 or visit

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