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My Thoughts For the Month

Mar 31, 2020 09:30AM ● By Dr Roger

Are, we need more information on strengthening the immune system during this current climate.   It goes without saying, and has been continually reported, in relation to COVID – 19 the following ongoing actions are critical in reducing the spread of this virus: washing your hands regularly and avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands. Avoid close contact with people who are sick.  Stay home if you are sick, except to get medical care. Clean and disinfect frequently-touched surfaces daily, and much more.

Very little has been reported on strengthening the immune system.  The immune system is the police department of the body, in that it keeps out the bad guys. When the human body has been invaded by a microorganism or a virus, the immune system creates an antibody specifically against that foreign invader.  This is warfare inside the body.  To strengthen the immune system, there are some fundamental steps you have to take.  Increase your intake of protein and lower your intake of refined sugar.  Just google ‘refined sugars’ and you will be shocked how much refined sugars one eats daily.

If there is too much refined sugar floating through your bloodstream, it puts the police department to sleep.  If the police department is sleeping, it cannot keep the bad guys out.  Protein plays a key role in the creation and maintenance of every cell in our bodies.  It fuels our cells and powers our immune system. Protein keeps the police department awake and on guard, especially if there is no refined sugar around.

Understand that even if you think you have the perfect organic diet, your body cannot get its nutritional requirements from your everyday food. You have to supplement.  Supplementation is quality food in a pill, powder or fluid form and during the flu season (and especially now), you have to up-regulate your intake of quality nutrition in the form of supplementation.

It is important to obtain optimal levels of vitamins A, C and D.  Most people have suboptimal levels of Vitamin A and C.  Both these nutrients have antiviral abilities and are able to support the immune system when it is under viral attack.  Vitamin D, albeit it’s not a vitamin (it’s a hormone), but was named vitamin D when it was discovered and has held its name since.  It is very important for fighting infections and strengthening the immune system.  Up-regulate your normal intake of these nutritional immune strengthening foods.  Lastly, iodine is essential to not only fighting off an infection, but it is necessary for proper immune system functioning.  There are no bacteria, virus, parasite or fungus that is known to be resistant to iodine.

Stay healthy everyone.

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