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Mary’s Spiritual Journey of Healing and Awakening

Mary came to me in December, 2019, with chronic physical pain that was blocking her on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. She had done years of traditional counseling.  For over 40 years, she sought relief for her physical pain from traditional practitioners. No matter what she did, her pain just continued to relocate in her body and never truly released. It is through my understanding of energy on a quantum physics level that I realize an individual’s past traumas and stress can become stored in the body and often are then expressed through physical ailments. The pain is real, but under symptoms are  often layers of unresolved emotional pain.  It’s our body’s way of compartmentalizing the emotional hurt.


During our first session, Mary explained how no one has been able to help her, and she was feeling angry and hopeless. She shared how this was her last attempt at getting some relief, especially since she had just received another diagnosis of an “incurable” ailment. I knew her body was crying out for her attention, so we got right to work.


As Mary laid on the Reiki table with the Brainspotting music flowing through the headphones, I began connecting to her energetically. This combined approach allowed Mary to connect at a deep level, linking the physical, emotional and metaphysical aspects of her experience. This created an opportunity for her mind, body and spirit to begin to unravel the layers of hurt and pain. She cycled through a turmoil of emotions as she was able to purge limiting beliefs that were causing her to be stuck. By the end of the session, Mary reported feeling an awakening of calmness and peace.  She was tuning into her body and finally listening to it. After just a few sessions she reported feeling more connected spiritually; she was happier, more empowered - and her physical pain was gone!


Here’s what Mary had to say about her journey:


I connected to a healing of my body, spirit and mind, from the inside out, in ways I never imagined possible. Through the work with Jenna, facilitated by her gentle spirit, her healing Reiki energy, and her personal spiritual connection, I have come to understand my own relationship with the Divine, and now give thanks that my body continued to try to get my attention through all these years of pain. I just wasn’t listening before.  Now I am. Yesterday, I went for a checkup at the pelvic pain doctor who found no trace of the previously “incurable” pelvic disease. The energy within me flows like a clear, cool, clean, fresh mountain stream. I am filled with light and joy. 


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