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Lipomelt – Fat melting weight loss

During the recent long weeks of confinement, perhaps you have found that you were unintentionally indulging in unhealthy or excess food and drink, resulting in some unwanted… shall we call it… PLUMP! Although we have been distancing ourselves from each other, it’s only a matter of time until we find ourselves gathered together mingling, celebrating and enjoying LIFE and activities once again. So NOW is the time to prepare to look and feel your best for these upcoming occasions!

Our office provides a quick, painless and non-invasive way to slim down and re-sculpt your body just in time for the warm summer days headed our way. The treatment, called LIPOMELT, is administered in a private room with the client lying comfortably on a treatment table with the targeted regions wrapped in large pads. For 20 minutes, infrared and far infrared light is administered to those specific body regions, forcing the fat cells to open up and begin draining their contents into the free space between the fat cells. From there the body’s lymphatic system takes over and removes the fat through natural bodily elimination.  Once the client has dressed again, the visit concludes with a 10-minute session on a total body vibration machine to tone the muscles and further stimulate the lymphatic system to drain the fat. Most clients see a measurable result in lost inches after only one treatment. 

There are no special foods that must be consumed during this program, although the best results are obtained by refraining from alcohol consumption and high-carbohydrate intake.  And as with all healthy weight loss or weight management programs, plenty of water consumption is important to flush the body of the excess fat and toxic waste that has accumulated over the years. 

Unlike the damaging effects that occur in treatments that freeze body fat, or the bruising, pain and downtime resulting from liposuction, this fat-melting, body-sculpting treatment is safe, effective and non-damaging to the body. This program can fit into your normal daily schedule; each visit is approximately 45 minutes. You can schedule up to 3 visits each week and, depending on your overall goal, can complete the process in less than 6 weeks.  Because multiple visits are needed to achieve the final results, the most popular packages are six, twelve or eighteen session packages. More information can be obtained about this process by going to our website at  HYPERLINK "" and clicking on the Lipomelt Body Sculpting tab.

During the months of May and June, 2020, we are offering a 30% discount on Lipomelt treatment packages.  If you are interested in more information, or to schedule your treatment package, contact our office at 610-266-6111 and mention this article.

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