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Inner Harmony Wellness Centers and “TeleWELLNESS”

Hi, everyone! My name is Dr. Peter Amato. Welcome to Inner Harmony Wellness Centers. We offer a wellness program that unites conventional and alternative medicine. Our program consists of education, organic nutraceuticals (pharmaceutical-grade nutritional remedies) and coaching.

I’m a board-certified doctor of Natural Medicine, with a PhD in Mind-Body Medicine, and a Deepak Chopra certified meditation instructor. Our time-tested integrative approach has been studied, published and mirrored by major institutions worldwide. We’ve been using a multi-disciplinary, whole-person, whole care approach since developing clinical protocols in the late 90’s. We guarantee results!

Our mind, body and spirit approach addresses root causes and symptoms, or, targets optimum wellness for those already healthy. Our 90-minute consultation and detailed intake form allow us to develop a customized wellness program for each client.  We address diet, nutrition, digestion, pain, sleep, vitality and energy.  We define priorities and educate clients on restoring an alkaline terrain.  We identify and remediate chronic infections (bacterial, parasitic, viral). We identify environmental toxins, heavy metals, and electro-pollution that cause health issues. We detoxify the body and brain, and balance hormones that affect sleep and virility. Finally, we suggest an anti-aging regimen to keep clients strong and clean. 

We consult with clients worldwide. To help more, we’ll be offering TeleWELLNESS, connecting with clients from the convenience of their own homes. Our in-depth phone or Skype consult “peels the onion” and enables us to provide them wellness and optimum health.  

Visit us at to schedule your appointment. It will change your life.

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