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Natural Awakenings Lehigh Valley

Dawn Ciccone Lifestyle Coaching

If you feel a deep yearning that there’s MORE to life; if you feel stagnant and long to explore the possibilities, it’s time we connect! 

Everyone is a ‘life coach’ these days, but there’s a unique difference between cookie-cutter methods to lose weight or solve an issue and first-hand experience of having ‘lived’ what others are dealing with. 

I’m a conscious life coach, marathoner, writer, fitness trainer, nutrition coach, running coach and energy healer. I incorporate my expertise to help people actualize their full potential and live an empowered life. It's first-hand experience that allows me to stand out amongst other coaches. 

I've conquered abusive relationships, addiction, disordered eating and a tragic accident that left me in a wheelchair.  I know how to turn challenges into opportunities! 

1:1 LIFESTYLE COACHING:  Whether it is nutrition, fitness or emotional challenges holding you back, we start from where you are and create a plan to restore you to your healthy body and wellbeing. 

WOMEN’S PROGRAMS: walking/hiking; summer/fall sessions. Book now if you’re looking to

  • improve mental clarity
  • strengthen physical abilities
  • push yourself outside your comfort zone
  • gain confidence and be more adventurous
  • emulate internal calm
  • experience a new sense of joy and excitement
  • feel connected and grounded

Each program guides you in movement, nutrition advice, thought-provoking journal writing and inspirational conversations. Come together with strangers and leave part of a lifetime sisterhood. 

My promise is to use my knowledge and experience to coach, and above all, support you on your journey.

 Contact Dawn Ciccone at 832-859-2814 or [email protected]. See ad, page 8.

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