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"Trust the instinct to the end, though you can render no reason."

We are in early July.  The lockdown restrictions in PA are easing and businesses will be opening with certain modifications to protect against further spreading of Covid-19 in a second wave of infections.  


Amid these positive changes, I find myself having to make decisions as a parent in giving advice to my 2nd year college student, and as a husband in giving advice to my wife about what we should be doing as we get older. 

What often happens in our formative years is that well-intended parents and other adult caregivers make a decision for us that is of life-changing importance.  Oh, it's intended to be supportive or helpful in guiding us along a path that they believe is best for us. Often in high school we are given aptitude tests to determine the direction we should go in for the rest of our lives.  We may choose our college curriculum based on one or any of these things.  Worse yet, we may choose an entire life-long career on such things.

One morning, we wake up and realize that we're not where we'd like to be. I have been there often. Sometimes it isn't that sudden or abrupt.  Instead, we have this nagging feeling that we are in the wrong place, doing the wrong things, for the wrong reasons... and it makes us miserable.

I knew a surgeon who wanted to be a guitarist, and an attorney whose passion was writing, and a high-dollar CEO who was more at home with a canvas, oils and a brush. Sometimes these people make the decision to stop what they're doing and pursue their passion. Others are so far into what they're doing and have such a huge financial commitment based on the lifestyle they pursued, that they are unable to make the decision to switch gears and get going in the direction of their passion.

I don't know about you, but I don't want a surgeon operating on me with his mind on being the next Elvis.  Many of these people will begin to follow their passion as a hobby with the hope of growing it into a new career.

No matter what your career tests indicate, your subconscious, your higher self, knows the answers.  Learn to listen to your higher self and make that change even if it starts as a hobby.  You will become a happier person…

"...Trust the instinct to the end, though you can render no reason."

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