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A Quantum Physics Look at Reiki

Reiki is translated as ‘universal life force’ and uses the practitioner-to-client transfer of energy that promotes relaxation, reduction of physical symptoms/illnesses and improved emotional health. Reiki can be offered in person or it can be done virtually. The energy transfer is believed to come from the life force that flows within each of us. This life force has many names in different cultures, such as Chi in China, Prana in India, or Ki in Japan. The life force flows through all living beings, plants, and objects, such as rocks or crystals. Life force illuminates our organs and brings health and optimal function to them. When our life force is low, it causes our organs and systems to function at a lower level, thus creating illness and disease. The higher our life force, the better we feel and the better we function. Reiki energy helps to raise the life force, which in turns aids in the body’s natural ability to heal.


Quantum physics says that everything is energy, whether a living being, plant, or object. The smallest part of matter is an atom. Within an atom there are vortexes of energy that are in constant motion. Quantum physics has shown again and again the evidence that this energy exists within all atoms, therefore declaring that all things are made of energy. The energy within the atoms vibrates at different rates, creating a certain input to our senses. A physical hard surface has a different vibrational pattern than a liquid, and both have a different vibration than a gas. These different vibrational patterns provide physical properties, such as a hard surface of a table, cold water, a soft blanket, etc. Our senses then interpret the vibration so we experience the table as a table, the water as water and the blanket as a blanket. This theory has been validated to also be true for our emotions, such as shown with the SQUID magnetometer that can detect the subtle changes in our energy field as we experience different emotions.


In summary, everything is energy. Different energies carry different vibrational patterns and thus can create a shift in the energy patterns as the two vibrations blend. The theory with Reiki is that the universal energy has a higher vibration, so as a practitioner transfers this energy to the client, it raises the vibration of the client, stimulating the life force energy, which engages the body’s natural healing process.

Possible benefits of Reiki:

• Relieves pain

• Reduces stress

• Creates a deep state of relaxation

• Decreases anxiety and depression

• Lowers blood pressure and slows respiration

• Helps insomnia

• Creates balance and harmony 

• Releases blocked energy

• Vitalizes body, mind and spirit

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