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Lilly of The Valley Gut Health

What is Functional GUT Health?

The GUT is the medium where human emotion is stored. The heart initiates it; the GUT stores it.   This is where chronic emotional imbalances live. They originate emotionally in the heart, and if they’re not released, they move energetically into the stomach. This chronic internal stress, coupled with the standard American diet, can create disease. 

The GUT has a wall of commensal bacteria (microbiota) working to help regulate the immune and nervous systems. Epigenetics tells us that our environment (stress/diet) can affect whether we get a disease or not. Our health is not dictated by genetics alone. Emerging data supports that chronic inflammation is the underlying root cause of all disease, and that chronic inflammation is related to a poor diet and underlying ongoing stress. Chronic stress keeps the body bathed in norepinephrine (fight/flight hormone) which, over time, stresses the immune system, exhausts the body’s hormones and weakens the gut microbiota, creating disease. 

Functional Gut Health addresses the underlying causes of disease at the GUT level, using a systems-oriented approach, while engaging the patient in a therapeutic relationship. You have a gold mine if your functional medicine practitioner helps you create a list of issues you've had over your lifetime, helps you examine that list to identify unmet needs, and develops a program for what your body needs in order to heal.  The journey begins on a path of self love with Family Nurse Practitioner Lori Billiard, owner/founder of Lilly of THE VALLEY GUT Health.

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Lilly of THE VALLEY GUT Health LLC - Catasauqua PA

Lilly of THE VALLEY GUT Health, LLC - Catasauqua, PA

As a FNP and as time passed, I noticed it was becoming more and more difficult to maintain my life-long passion! I always have been dedicated to preventative life style management of dise... Read More » 


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