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Bear Creek Organics

Richie Mitchell, owner and founder of Bear Creek Organics, loves helping his clients accomplish their edible landscaping dreams. “I take a deep look at my clients’ land, and an even closer look into their food needs, lifestyles and personalities,” he says. “I really enjoy getting to know my clients and the visions they have for their new, healthy lifestyles. It’s my job to figure out how their land and life can harmonize.”


Many of Richie’s clients know what they want but don’t know how to get there.  They want their families to be eating fresh, homegrown food and they want their kids to grow up knowing where their food comes from. Others have dreams of growing heirloom fruits and vegetables from their own childhoods.  Almost all of Richie’s clients have a common desire to reconnect with nature, support the native bees and butterflies, grow organic food and live in chemical-free, low maintenance landscapes. 


One of Bear Creek Organics’ newest clients, Beth, said, “I think Bear Creek Organics’ work is very exciting and I’m pleased to be a part of it!  It’s great to finally have somebody who understands my language.  This work is fulfilling a dream!”  Beth is thrilled about the upcoming yield in her new garden.  “I love harvesting; I get the biggest kick out of it!”

Bear Creek Organics believes in turning your visions into happy and thriving edible ecosystems.  Richie explains, “Our clients have many creative land-use goals that can truly enhance their lives if implemented correctly.  Bear Creek Organics is uniquely qualified to get the job done right.”  

Bear Creek Organics adheres to a strict process: consult, design, install, manage and educate.  If you are interested in edible landscaping work with Bear Creek Organics, Richie reminds us that patience and commitment to the process is essential.  He says, “This is a journey.  Together, we spend a lot of time and effort on process.  This is deep work, and good communication is key.” 

Bear Creek Organics is unlike your average contractor.  “We are consultants, designers and educators first.  Construction is only a part of the equation.  Our quality of work is achieved through a holistic process.”

Richie believes that Bear Creek Organics is the only local company truly looking at backyards as thriving ecosystems and designing them to support families and their healthy lifestyles.  “We are creating Edible Backyard Ecosystems, and the landowners are actually a part of these systems.  This is exciting!” 

If you would like to work with Bear Creek Organics, visit and fill out their contact form.  You can also follow Bear Creek Organics on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about their projects and educational programs. 

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