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BREAKING NEWS – DR. JON’S “TO YOUR HEALTH NATURAL FOODS” is back in business as "To Your Health Nutritional Counseling”

Dr. Jon from “To Your Health Natural Foods” has returned from retirement at his customers’ and wife’s (Sylvia’s) insistence. After 27 years helping Upper Bucks County with nutritional needs, we had decisions to make. Our lease had to be renewed in March - at a different location.  There were rumblings of COVID-19. I’m past retirement age.  What are we going to do?  Spend $50,000 and move? Have a store-wide sale, pay our bills and retire?  

Thanks to our customers and Dr. Ria M. Gilday, N.D., C.N., from Queens Nutrition of Souderton, we liquidated assets and paid our bills. 

Building “To Your Health Natural Foods” was fruitful until February.  Retirement helped me work on my dusty and tattered “at-a-boy list”, but after 6 months without my friendly customers, we decided to dust our books and get back to what we love most… helping our friends with their aches, pains and issues.

One customer had an office rental we couldn’t refuse. Thanks to Jeffery and Jen, the talents of Marie and Tim, cans of paint and lots of traveling from our former store to the new one, we’ve finally arrived!  We have reopened as “To Your Health”, a Nutritional Counseling company.  We welcome your call to make an appointment, or email us at [email protected]  Follow us on Facebook, read our articles in Lehigh Valley’s “Natural Awakenings Magazine,” or Quakertown’s “Clipper Magazine.”  

To Your Health Nutritional Counseling,  1110  North West End Blvd., Suite 200, Quakertown, PA (215)-538-3480

Mondays and Thursdays 10-5, Fridays 1-6, Saturdays 10-12 

Cash, checks or major credit cards gratefully accepted.

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