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Natural Awakenings Lehigh Valley

Blissful Existence Healing Acres, LLC Adrienne Primrose, CHHC

Meditation is known as a practice where an individual pauses in the moment, using breath and mindfulness in order to clear the mind mentally and emotionally. When you combine meditation with horses you are allowing their powerful, yet gentle strength and healing abilities to guide you to a safe, calm and peaceful place.  This place allows for the healing of physical, mental and emotional pain that you are holding on to.  

Are you suffering from physical, mental or emotional traumas? They can be from the past or the present.  You can release the burden of these traumas by participating in a meditation circle, meditation series or gestalt therapy.Meditating with horses and spending time in earth’s natural habitat can be healing for our minds, our bodies and our souls. Simply pausing in nature and slowing to the rhythm of the horse can help reduce blood pressure, help release endorphins, and help calm the body, mind and spirit.

The Healing Herd at Blissful Existence Healing Acres and Adrienne Primrose, a Certified Holistic Health Coach, offer their energy and guidance to you in order to help heal and put you on the path to bring you into living in the present moment. You are guided in letting go of that which does not serve you well.

Reconnect with yourself and find your Blissful Existence through the unconditional support, love, acceptance and awareness of the herd and through Adrienne’s guidance at Blissful Existence Healing Acres.

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