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Organic Edible Landscaping Plant Sale

Fall is the best time to plant your edible landscape!  Luckily, Bear Creek Organics is running an organic edible landscaping plant sale to stress the importance of this critical planting season.  Locally and organically grown fruit trees, nut trees, berry bushes, nut bushes, native perennial flowers, native fruiting trees and bushes are available to you.  Take action on your dreams, goals and visions for creating a thriving, edible ecosystem in your own backyard! 

Bear Creek Organics owns and maintains a complete edible landscaping plant nursery so that you will have every imaginable type of edible perennial plant available to you.  Each plant is personally selected and organically grown by Richie Mitchell, owner of Bear Creek Organics.  The primary purpose of the nursery is to support the Bear Creek Organics edible landscaping crew during the season.  This means that the varieties are thoroughly tried and tested on numerous projects.   Clients have access to this unique collection of plants when they schedule a nursery appointment through

 The nursery is custom-designed to support growers in the northeast with tasty, cold-hardy, disease-resistant plants.  Mitchell explains, “We carry a staggering amount of unique edible landscaping plant varieties and cultivars!  Some of our plants have taken us years to find.  Our clients have reported searching for unique varieties of berry bushes and fruit trees, and then they end up finding every single item here at our nursery!  We love providing a degree of service that no other landscape center comes close to!”  

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