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Take Charge of Your Health - Take Charge of Your Genes!

To take charge of your health, it’s important to understand that FOOD is medicine and our gene expression stems from our environmental exposures. A gene mutation is often referred to as a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP).  Most SNPs do not seem to affect our health.  However, some SNPs can make a huge difference in our body’s health and in our mental health.  For example, SNPs in the MTHFR gene can create a host of problems, ranging from irritability and obsessiveness to clots and cancer.  SNPs in the COMT gene can simultaneously have an upside and a downside.  One can have boundless energy, enthusiasm and good spirits, but at the same time, be prone to workaholism, sleep issues and PMS. 

Methylation is a biochemical pathway within our bodies.  Think of it as a river that supplies various gardens in our bodies with water and nutrients.  When this system is functioning optimally, the genetic tendency towards disease is turned off.  Subsequently, when the system is slowed or blocked, the genetic tendency toward disease is turned on.  The process of turning on and off genes is sometimes referred to as epigenetics.  

Epigenetics is determining those unhealthy lifestyle factors that affect our genes.  It’s making the necessary changes so that, regardless of SNPs, health is promoted, illness is not.  In functional medicine, restoring a healthy gut barrier and methylation system in our bodies is paramount to restoring health and vitality, thus preventing illness.  For further information, see

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