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Natural Awakenings Lehigh Valley

Dawn Ciccone: Conscious Living Coach

I am Dawn Ciccone, conscious living coach, and I am grateful for you!  I believe paths cross for specific reasons and that's why you were led here. I hope to have the honor of meeting you. 

You might believe that in order to begin to ‘live your life,’ you need to be thinner, more successful or more beautiful. But this isn’t true. Deep down, you, too, know this isn’t true. At the center of your being, you want to be seen in the world as the glowing, radiant, confident and beautiful being that you already are. 

My promise to you is to use all my knowledge, gifts and experience to catapult you into authentically stepping into living your beautiful life and rediscovering joy. 

Whether the issue is diet, fitness or an emotional challenge that is holding you back, I'm your biggest advocate and will support you every step of the way. I lived a life of not feeling good enough and being someone's something, with nothing for me. It is my passion to help you see the beautiful, magnificent person you are and to create a plan to step into BEING her!  It's easier to take things head-on with support than it is to take them on without support. 

Please check out my website and see what I have to offer.  Reach out via the contact page with any questions or concerns.  Thank you for being you.  In light and love, Dawn.

732 859 2814  [email protected] 

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