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Natural Awakenings Lehigh Valley


This course is for those wanting to learn how to accurately navigate the energy body and the biophoton field.  We offer a full range of techniques needed to be an effective healer, healthcare practitioner and dowser of the mind, body and spirit energies.  You will learn how to decode the universal energies in digital and analogue styles to directly decipher subtle factors and influences.  Increase your high sense perception skills while calibrating your intuition into reliable receivership.  Learn to perceive the holographic body as well as divine universal energies.  You will learn Somato kinesis, perceiving and feeling how energies move, not only in the body but also in the environment.  The luminous body awaits your discovery.  Transform yourself while learning how to help others.

This course will expand your knowledge of many traditional energy medicine masters’ techniques starting with hands-on Asian masters’ methods expanding to quantum healing and high tech integration of contemporary scientific healing technologies.

Our course is offered in three modules.  It is scheduled to meet weekends once a month in person and online starting in March, 2021, through November.

Lisa Baas is a wisdom elder, teacher, acupuncturist, herbalist, shiatsu master and teacher healer for 40 years.  She has learned from the best masters of our times and can share her lifetime learning of skills and wisdom.

Contact Lisa Baas by phone at Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine - 610.841.9300. 

Or you can go to our blog at for more information.