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The Heart is a widow into Our Intuition

Intuition is our ability to connect on a deeper level to our inner wisdom. It’s been thought of as a mystical ability only possessed by highly-attuned individuals. Many have sought this wisdom from spiritual healers. Although this external support can be helpful, it’s not the only way to access our inner truth and deep wisdom. We all have the ability to tap into our inner knowing to help us navigate the world around us.

Our intuition is always processing information and sending us signals. Have you ever walked into a room, gotten a weird feeling, and left, not fully understanding why? Or, ever have a knowing about what was the best choice to make, without having the details? These are a few ways our intuition helps us in everyday life. It’s an ability we can learn to cultivate for greater clarity.

Through the integration of body and mind we can begin to harvest our intuition. As we become more present in the moment, like when we take a mindful, deep breath, we’re beginning to enhance this connection between mind and body. The more we create this interlinking, the more we’ll be able to clearly hear the whisper of knowing from within.

There are several aspects of the brain, body and body energy systems that provide us with information from our past and current situations to help us access inner intuition. It’s always with us, ready to offer guidance and clarity. The heart is one of these layers that can help us tap into our deepest truth. In our culture, we have many references to the intelligence of the heart, like when we say “listen to your heart” or “I felt it in my heart”. We are uncovering the scientific support to explain these mystical phenomena. According to the HeartMath Institute, research establishes that the heart has its own organized intelligence network, enabling it to act independently, learn, remember and produce feelings. These experiences are then shared from the heart with the brain to provide a sense of knowing or understanding. It turns out that the heart truly does know what’s best!

We have the ability to connect to this innate heart wisdom. By attuning to this inner knowing we can move more gracefully through life, even when we have a curveball thrown
at us. Our intuition enables us to truly know what’s right for us. Our intuition enables us to truly know what's right for us. This clarity on choices cultivates new possibilities and opportunities. As my clients connect to their intuition, they begin to feel more confident, clearer, more optimistic and happier. Our intuition is our inner compass; we need to open to our heart’s wisdom for this inner guidance.

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