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Are You Affected By the Extra Stress of Life Lately?

The energies of our world these days have a great potential to leave us feeling drained, ungrounded, and generally, just not ourselves.
   Stresses brought on from frustration, fear, overwork, “busyness”, trauma and rollercoaster emotions can get stuck in our body, which leads to a considerable imbalance of our natural harmony.
   A wide variety of symptoms can arise from this imbalance. Some are: headaches, upset stomach and poor digestion, anxiety, panic, depression, insomnia, head, neck and backaches, as well as other generalized pain are just a few examples.
    It is vital to recognize when we need self-care, and even more important to follow through seeking that needed assistance and relief.

Reflexology is a great place to start!
Reflexology has been used for 1000s of years. It is a proven science and complementary to today’s modern medicine. The restorative and preventative qualities are used to bring the body and mind into a peaceful balance, supporting our natural efforts to function optimally.

Did you know: Reflexology Can Be Performed On Our Ears, Face, Feet and Hands!

    Because reflexology works on stimulating reflexes of the entire body, it is an essential opportunity for helping to release those stored and stuck stresses.

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