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Functional Medicine Pediatrician

Looking for a different treatment approach for your child with ADHD, anxiety, depression or autism? General pediatrician, Dr. Camasto, offers functional medicine care to patients with chronic childhood conditions, with the goal of “health restoration” instead of “disease management”.  Dr. Camasto is passionate about getting to the root cause of health challenges and helping kids become a healthier version of themselves.  By combining 20 years of experience as an allopathically trained general pediatrician with new training in functional medicine, she brings a truly integrative perspective to caring for children.  Dr. Camasto will ask how and why a child’s illness occurred and consider all potential contributing factors, such as: genetics, weaknesses in biochemical pathways, inflammation, environmental toxic exposures, physical and emotional stress, and lifestyle factors like diet/nutrition, sleep, and exercise. Her “medical detective” style of practice is a great fit for parents who want personal, in-depth care for their child and prefer alternatives to traditional medication. 

Dr. Camasto  is currently accepting new patients up to the age of 25 years old with Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Autism, Fatigue, Constipation, and other GI complaints. 

Office location: 1320 Hausman Road, Suite 202, Allentown 18104.  610-653-6895. Please see her website for more information. 


Pediatric Whole Health, LLC

Dr. Angela Camasto, MD