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Personalized Pampering at The Healing & Wellness Corner

Jul 27, 2021 03:28PM ● By Sheila Julson

Licensed massage therapist and esthetician Jamie Brotzman knows that when people look good, they also feel good. After overcoming a long-time battle with acne, she was motivated to pursue a career in esthetics to help others achieve beautiful skin naturally, without harmful pharmaceuticals or antibiotics. Her own wellness journey led her to open The Healing & Wellness Corner, offering massage, facials, reiki, waxing and organic body wraps.

“I tried several remedies and harmful drugs to cure acne, and they hadn’t worked,” Brotzman recalls. “I knew there had to be something besides taking a pill to improve the skin.” In 2004, she graduated at the top of her class from Allentown School of Cosmetology’s new esthetics program.

Immediately upon graduating from Allentown School of Cosmetology, Brotzman enrolled in the Massage Therapy Program at Health Options Institute, from where she graduated in 2007. She added massage therapy to her wellness toolbox because she had seen her father suffer from back pain after an injury he sustained while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. “Massage therapy goes hand-in-hand with the natural healing approaches I believe in,” she says. She has recently added craniosacral therapy into her intuitive massage therapy services.

After working at high-end salons, spas, chiropractic offices and yoga studios, Brotzman wanted to open her own wellness center with an approachable, down-to-earth ambiance, where she didn’t feel rushed to get clients in and out. She wove the best, most beautiful attributes from other facilities where she had worked into The Healing & Wellness Corner, which she opened June 26, 2020.

Personalized Wellness Services

Hours of love and soul went into designing The Healing & Wellness Corner’s space. She did a complete renovation and upgrade of the space, adding sinks into all the treatment rooms to ensure sanitary precautions. Brotzman understood that hygiene was of upmost importance even before the pandemic; now it is even more relevant. The renovations took almost a year, which is why you hear Brotzman refer to her space as “her baby.”

The Healing & Wellness Corner clients can choose from an array of facials including Timeless Beauty, a customer favorite that includes a vitamin mask to nourish the skin, along with antioxidant serums and an extensive lymphatic drainage facial massage. There’s the Deep Cleansing Acne Eliminator facial, and Dapper Dan, a special facial designed for men.

Brotzman also customizes facials for individualized skin types and for each season. “Skin changes with the seasons, so skin care regimens should be tailored to suit those changes,” she notes.

Brotzman uses Eminence Organic Skin Care, a Hungarian-based, small-batch line of skin products made with fresh ingredients including fruits and herbal extracts. The line is free from artificial additives that can irritate the skin and cause blemishes and inflammation. She’s noticed an improvement in many of her client’s skin during the pandemic because more people had worked from home and didn’t wear as much pore-clogging makeup. She adds that working in offices with closed windows, stale air and fluorescent lights also adversely affect the skin.

As an intuitive massage therapist, Brotzman believes it’s important to forge connections with clients so they feel relaxed and get the most from their massages. Most of her massages are 90 minutes or longer. Appointments include completing a detailed intake form and a consult prior to the start of treatment.

Unlike many facilities that consider essential oils, hot towels and cupping as add-ons and thus charge extra, there is no upcharge for those services at The Healing & Wellness Corner. Brotzman believes that this is all part of one’s therapy and includes those in the price of service. Brotzman uses doTerra essential oils. There’s an essential oils diffuser at the center’s entrance that treats clients to the aroma of energetic citrus blends. Upon leaving, a diffuser emits relaxing scents such as lavender.

Brotzman stays motivated every day by seeing people walk out the door feeling good. “I’ll see somebody walk through the door in a sour mood, tense, with their shoulders scrunched, but by the time they leave, they’re a different person. They are so relaxed they can’t remember where they parked their car. That’s why I do this,” she concludes.

The Healing & Wellness Corner is located at 101 N. 4th Street, in Easton. For more information, visit 484-861-7287 or visit