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Natural Awakenings Lehigh Valley

Energy Healer Uses Mandalas to Foster Release, Self-expression

Sep 28, 2021 05:30PM ● By Sheila Julson

Mandalas—abstract, circular designs which emanate different symbols, shapes and colors—are treasured in Hindu and Buddhist traditions as objects of meditation and spiritual growth. Energy healer Anna Christina Chaudhry knows that creating mandalas can be inspirational and therapeutic. Through individual consults and workshops, she guides people toward using mandalas to release emotions and achieve spiritual balance.

“A mandala is a portal of energy,” says Christina. “When you are making mandalas, you can release whatever is inside of you. I create mandalas for people that need an outlet. They come to me and tell me how they are feeling, and I can draw a mandala based on what they feel.”

Christina also works with chromotherapy, the use of color light, to heal physical, mental and spiritual imbalances. Different colors in a mandalas have significant meanings. “When a person sees certain colors, those colors work with the vibrations within a person to help balance emotions”. 

Mandalas can be drawn with colored pencil, paint, or ink, and on just about any surface. Christina creates mandalas on paper, wood or even on walls. “I can draw a mandala for you with the colors necessary to help increase your chakra energy,” she says. “It is a very powerful tool to help understand what’s going on inside of yourself.”

Christina has been a life-long believer in holistic wellness. As a reiki master and tarot card reader, she found mandalas to be a natural next step toward helping others. “I love colors, nature and holistic elements, and I’ve always felt guided toward helping people.”

When Christina began drawing her own mandalas, she found the process to be meditative. “When I’m creating mandalas, I just forget about anything and everything because I’m absorbed in what I’m doing. While drawing, you can think of your own life and tell your own story through the colors and designs.” 

Through individual consults, Christina creates mandalas for people. Using dialogue and her energy healing skills, she empowers people to express their emotions and creates mandalas comprised of specific patterns and colors. She also leads workshops instructing people on how to make their own mandalas. In addition, she hosts “mandala parties” where one can invite a group of friends to their home to have Anna Christina lead the group on how to create mandalas. 

“In individual consults, workshops and parties, I teach people how to create mandalas. I show them which colors and elements they can put into their mandalas to express how they are feeling about their lives. It’s a powerful door that lead us toward better understanding ourselves.”

Christina says she learns a little more about herself every day while guiding others to find spiritual growth through mandala creation. Shen notes that mandalas are an approachable form of energetic healing; no expensive materials or equipment are needed besides paper and color pencils. “I just teach people the technique. Once they learn this gift, they can use it whenever and wherever they need it.”

While operating as a vendor at local festivals, Christina, often hears from attendees that they feel drawn to her tent because the space radiates with positive energy. 

“People tell me that it feels so good to look at mandalas,” she says. “People feel the power of the colors and designs.”

Christina plans to regularly offer mandala workshops on her picturesque property in the Lehigh Valley. She offers private consults and workshops, and she is a vendor at festivals and wellness events.

Anna Christina Chaudhry can be reached at 732-619-6603 or email  [email protected]