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My Thoughts For the Month

Sep 29, 2021 02:36PM ● By Dr. Rodger

It is unfortunate that many of us have had to deal with cancer in our lives, whether it be ourselves, a family member or friend. I thought it time to share with you a story, which in turn may give you or a loved one some hope. There are other cancer treatments that many people have used and are still here today having used an Alternative Non-Toxic Cancer Treatment.

This is an extract from Elonna McKibbon's website,

This Alternative Non-Toxic Cancer treatment does not work for all cancers. You need to be tested to find out which alternative treatment would work for your specific cancer if you were looking for a different alternative treatment.

Please enjoy this extract and share it with your friends as well as Elonna's website. The maker of this concoction James Sheridan has sadly passed away. He had been trying to get this formula passed by the FDA since 1953. For more information you can email me directly or go to my website 

On October 16, 1989, they told us the biopsy results. I was diagnosed with a "Glioblastoma Multiforme" (GBM), a nervous system cancer or brain tumor -- Stage IV. GBMs are rare and always fatal. 

“We were told in 1989 that there were only about 200 reported cases in the entire United States of spinal cord GBMs. Most GBMs are found in the brain. As mine was in the spinal cord, it made it even more rare, more aggressive and faster killing. When diagnosed with a GBM in the brain, most people will live between 18 and 24 months with about 5% living 3+ years from diagnosis. However, when found in the spinal cord, survival time is between 3 and 6 months. I was told I would not survive long enough to see my children's first birthday. 

There came such an outpouring of love from the extensive news coverage surrounding our children's birth, (she gave birth to 4 children) and then later, my cancer diagnosis. It was so unbelievable to us that total strangers could be so generous. Along with this outpouring, we received information on alternative cancer treatments. This was in the day well before the Internet and home computers so unconventional cancer treatment information was not available with a few strokes of a keyboard. Some of this information was very questionable, BUT much of it seemed very legitimate. Rob (her husband) started pouring through everything. One of the items we were sent was a videotape on a product called Cancell® (now called Protocel®). Rob was really impressed with the tape. He felt that he kept being led back to it, so he finally shared the tape with my father. 

When Rob told me about Cancell®, I was very skeptical. My first words to him were: "If there was a cure for cancer, don't you think they would be using it instead of letting 1,000s of people die." I was so worried that Rob would spend money we did not have on a possible cure, only to have me still die, leaving him in debt with 4 babies to raise and no wife. He, however, refused to discuss the fact I was dying. He did not consider that an option. He had so much faith that God was going to work another miracle in our lives, and that the Cancell® would help bring about that miracle. 

I stayed on the Cancell® for 2 years and about 3 months as it was helping to repair my extensive nerve damage. During this time, I did a year and 9 months of physical therapy, and I progressed to the use of a quad cane. We had hoped that all my nerve damage would be completely repaired and that I would return to 100% normal function, but, this was not the case. I do have sensation from the waist down now. It is not what you would consider normal sensation, however, it has become normal for me after all these years. Unfortunately, due to severe damage to my knees, I was forced for a period of time to return to walking with a walker, but am now, thankfully, back to using a quad cane after some more physical therapy. I returned to work 2 days a week as a legal assistant when our children turned 3 years old and worked for 13 years in this capacity leaving this job in January of 2006.

We thank God every day for the miracle of my healing and the gift of my life; for James Sheridan's dream, his absolute drive to find a cure for cancer and his strength of character to stand up and actively pursue that dream; and further for Edward Sopcak's willingness to continue Jim's dream at the time of my need. 

Finally, it is our hope and prayer that you too will come to the BELIEF that there is hope, as well as an alternative for healing, from this horrid disease called cancer, using Protocel®. Make the choice to BELIEVE with us in one man's DREAM! 

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to share our miracles with you. 

 There are two versions of this formula, depending on what type of cancer you have, will depend on which type you will need. In any instance you must be tested to identify whether this will work for you.

In Health,

Dr. D Rodger ND, MBA