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Autumn at Bear Creek Organics (Holiday Gift Certificates Available)

Autumn… a time of endings and a time of beginnings. We see the endings in the turning of the leaves and their falling to the ground, in the harvest and the dying back of gardens and fields, in packing away shorts and swimsuits and pulling out sweaters and flannel shirts. We see the beginnings in the start of a new school year and the preparations for winter and the winter holidays.  

For the gardener, autumn is a time for clearing up, preparing the soil, and tucking plants in for the long winter’s nap. Autumn is a time for pulling out spent plants and vines, laying down compost and mulch, planting long growing garlic, berries, and fruit trees. Autumn is a time for evaluating the past year: what worked and what didn’t and what do we want to do next time.  How we celebrate autumn will impact how we celebrate spring. Experienced gardeners know this. 

But what if you are not an experienced gardener?  What if you are a new homeowner with a YARD or what if you are newly retired and finally have TIME to grow things?  You can read books or check out YouTube videos and they can teach you all kinds of things, but they don’t know your space or your circumstances. It helps to have a knowledgeable person who can help you study your land, your soil, your hopes, and dreams, and help you work out a PLAN so that you can begin early in the spring… someone like Richie Mitchell, owner of Bear Creek Organics. 

Scheduling a consultation with Bear Creek Organics in the autumn allows the time you need to prepare a plan, a budget, and a plant list so we can hit the ground running at the start of the the new year. Edible landscapes are in high demand. Waiting until the last minute will delay your project until mid-summer or fall of 2022.  Why wait?

With supply chain problems and holiday shortages in the news, are you growing concerned about what to give your loved ones this holiday season? How about a gift certificate from Bear Creek Organics? From a small, raised vegetable or herb garden, a few fruit trees or a raspberry patch, to a complete edible landscape, Bear Creek Organics offers an array of options to fit your dreams and your budget. 

Bring out the best in your land and life with a Bear Creek Organics Edible Landscape. Visit our website at to schedule a consultation or to inquire about gift certificates and services.  Remember to fill out the ‘contact us’ section.