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Post COVID Syndrome and 99% Body Purify

Several protocols have recently been established to prepare the immune system to defend against COVID-19.  Outpatient medical providers have observed many patients who have recovered from COVID-19 go on to experience a post-viral type syndrome. These patients experience debilitating fatigue, headaches and a delayed overall recovery. We have had several clients dealing with these issues after overcoming COVID-19, so we utilized immune-boosting IVs as well as vitamin D3 injections.

The following case study not only describes a common experience of post COVID-19 syndrome, but also provides lab test results that identify resurgent inflammatory markers that strongly correlate to a recent SARS CoV-2 infection.

The subject is a 45-year-old female who contracted COVID-19 in March, 2021. She was able to convalesce at home with symptoms including body aches, fever and severe coughing, which lingered until the first week of April. Although tired, she reported feeling better and tried to resume her normal activities. The subject is normally non-smoking, healthy and active in social and recreational activities.

In April she donated convalescent plasma. In May, the fatigue had still not abated, and she was taking almost daily naps while still working a full-time executive tech job from home.

In mid-May she began experiencing almost debilitating fatigue and sudden fevers spiking to 102 degrees. A few days of this was followed by sudden chills, a severe headache and syncope (fainting). She immediately sought medical care, was tested for COVID-19 (SARS- CoV-2 RNA).  It was negative. However, lab tests came back showing high levels of CRP(C-reactive protein) and elevated sedimentation rate, both significant markers for inflammation. There was also a low white blood cell count.

She was told to visit his primary care provider.  She called her functional medicine provider.

In 3 weekly sessions, she was infused with the “99 Body Purify” protocol, including blood ozonation, UV irradiation and electromagnetic specific frequencies.

Three weeks later, her labs showed absolute reduction in both CRP and SED rate and normalization of white blood cells.  She felt better than she ever had and successfully increased his activities.

This toxin-elimination treatment benefits all body types and has inspired an entire movement.  It is a collection of treatment modalities. With 99% Body Purify, people have not only a healthier body, but, more importantly, a healthier self-confidence.

99% Body Purify is designed to thoroughly and gently remove pathogens and their toxins from the body without sensitization, irritation, or a disturbing acid mantle. 

It is known to demonstrate direct virucidal activity and augment interferon production, and is incredibly important for the immune system as an immunomodulator.  It modulates the immune system’s reactions and assists in identifying pathogens. 

We focus on “99% body purify” because of its unique Extracorporeal Blood Irradiation system and technology that drastically improve body detoxification and its ability to defend itself.  It’s an effective treatment that supports and maintains the body’s natural balance.