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Natural Awakenings Lehigh Valley

Self-Healing & Empowerment with YogART

For physical, mental, emotional or energetic healing, it’s important to be our own advocate.  The “status quo” answers with mainstream medicine or therapies. There are many paths to choose from, and if we research and explore new modalities… our intuitive wisdom can lead to more progressive solutions.

YogART has something for everyone. A transformational workshop where blocks can be identified and cleared, chakras aligned, inner self expressed - it helps balance our energy and ignite our true potential. Combining mind, body and spirit practices, this holistic approach enhances self-healing and empowers from the inside out.

In a safe, sacred space, YogART Workshops bring a range of yoga, meditation, intuitive chakra-mandala art, journaling and other creative practices to strengthen layers of self (i.e. koshas).  Visually witnessing strengths and weaknesses, it helps ignite our innate power to heal, love and live out loud.

Workshop options: 2.5-hour original or 4-hour Chakra Intensive,  designed for beginners and advanced students alike… no experience required. 

One student says, “This was my first time in a yoga or art class. I was a bit nervous but immediately felt safe and comfortable upon meeting Michelle. I’ve been trying to work through some trauma in counseling the last few years and this one session gave more insight into my energy blockages than all of the sessions combined... and it was fun!”

[after session 2] “Who knew that in one year this process would completely change my life.”
— Jamie B., Bethlehem, PA

Michelle Lee is an artist and workshop facilitator practicing in the Poconos, Wyoming Valley & Lehigh Valley. 

Visit or call 570-443-7777. See ad on page 27.