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5 Meditation Myth Busters

The myths that keep us stuck, the self-talk that reinforces our false beliefs and some facts to make meditation easy for all to achieve:

  1. We have to quiet our minds. (Self talk = “I can’t stop my mind from racing!”)
    We all feel this way. Making the attempt to meditate is enough. When you notice your mind wandering, gently reign it back.

  2. We need perfect posture. (Self talk= “I can’t sit that way, I have horrible posture.”)
    Nope, simply maintain a straight spine. Sit crosslegged or kneel on the floor with a cushion under your hips to protect your knees and lower back. For more support sit with your back against a wall, or on a straight-backed chair. Lying down usually results in sleep, so not recommended for beginners.

  3. It’s not part of my religion. (Self talk = “It’s against God.”)
    Meditation doesn’t involve worship or belief structures. It’s an exercise for higher awareness and emotional resilience that with practice, leads to numerous physical, mental and emotional health benefits.

  4. It takes up too much time. (Self talk = “I’m too busy to sit around.”)
    Even five minutes a day makes a difference. Building up to more over time is great, but even small, consistent efforts reap big payoffs.

  5. Meditation isn’t worth the effort. (Self talk = “Why bother, it’s a waste of time.”) In only three minutes meditation kicks off six hours of chemical processes that benefit the immune system, support anti-aging, improve emotional resilience, reduce cortisol and more...of so many good things!

Michelle Lee is an artist and workshop facilitator practicing throughout the Poconos and Northeast PA, the Harrisburg area and Lehigh Valley. For details visit or call 570-443-7777. See ad on page 29.