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Edible Landscaping Nursery Opens in the Poconos!

May 31, 2024 07:48PM ● By Bear Creek Organics

Bear Creek Organics Ecological Edible Landscaping Nursery is fully stocked and open for the season! It’s time to enjoy homegrown fruits, nuts, and berries, and all of the flowering blooms that attract bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and more. 

We are excited to share some of our favorite edible plants with you!

Paw Paw Trees! By far one of our favorites! We love these native yet tropical-tasting fruit trees. Their fruit tastes like a mix between banana and Mango - soft like a banana and mouth watering like a mango, yum. Pawpaws are an easy-to-grow ‘no spray’ tree that is extremely ornamental. 

Apple trees: An amazing and easy-to-grow staple in the backyard orchard and edible landscape! They have such a diversity of colors, flavors, and uses - from fresh eating to juicing, baking, canning, drying, etc. Here are a few tips. Homegrown apples should be superior in disease resistance, flavor, texture, and wonder compared to store-bought varieties. We love growing heirloom apples with complex and rich flavor! We also believe it’s crucial to plant cultivars that are extremely disease-resistant, so you can easily grow them organically. 

Our Favorite Berry Plants: We love all of the berries – so many shapes, sizes, colors and flavors; and so many uses in edible landscape design. Raspberries are great because they are so easy to grow. They come in many colors such as red, yellow, gold, purple, and black. We love Blueberries because they are such a staple fruit in America that can be enjoyed more fully when picked from the backyard. We carry many interesting varieties that specifically do well in the heavy soil of PA. Aronia and Elderberry bushes are amazing natives that have high medicinal benefits. These easy-to-grow ‘zero spray’ natives are good for pollinators and their berries are great for your immune system too!

Go Nuts: We love chestnuts and hazelnuts because they are a good source of fat and protein. 

Nitrogen fixers, soil Builders, pollinator attractors: False indigo is an awesome native flowering shrub that fixes nitrogen to help fertilize your surrounding fruit trees. It also has beautiful flowers that attract bees and hummingbirds. Comfrey is the Swiss army knife of the garden. It beaks up compaction, attracts pollinators, and has medicinal uses. Chop and drop the leaves wherever you want soil to build.  

Visit the Bear Creek Organics Nursery!

A fully- stocked nursery for your edible landscaping dreams. The most unique fruit, nuts, and berry plants, along with beautiful native flowers, selected for low maintenance and success in our area. Location: 76 Helmer Ln, White Haven, PA, 18661. Check Facebook for hours.  Please call or email if you are coming.  570-582-0615 - [email protected]

Bear Creek Organics - 76 Helmer White Haven PA

Bear Creek Organics - 76 Helmer, White Haven, PA

We create organic and ecological edible landscapes. With mother nature as our teacher, and extensive knowledge of edible plants, we develop beautiful food production systems that support ... Read More » 


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