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Natural Awakenings Lehigh Valley

Natural Awakenings is proud to introduce an exciting collaboration in health and wellness with a new online platform, KnoWEwell, that will benefit our readers, providers and communities at large.

Natural Awakenings Publishing Corp. Chief Executive Officer Sharon Bruckman says, “Our Natural Awakenings family of 60 publishers is excited about the new resources and opportunities this new partnership brings to our community of readers, providers, and organizations. We are honored to be playing such a significant role in the launch and future growth of this incredibly sophisticated platform.”

What is KnoWEwell?

KnoWEwell is an online community and marketplace platform for the global "wholistic" health and well-being ecosystem that is launching a private, secure, “safe space”—constituting one, centralized, online trusted destination with:

  • Today’s “wholistic” knowledge with immersive learning opportunities

  • Access to global, evidenced-based resources and databases

  • Advanced search capabilities for users to find their best-matched provider and community members

  • Ability to make meaningful connections to a like-minded community

It connects the pieces, bridging the knowledge gap between ancient healing wisdom and today’s most current, evidenced-based health and well-being science, technology and innovations to help you prevent and address chronic conditions and make optimal health decisions for you and your family.


Together WE inspire and empower WELLthier Living™

Happy. Healthy. Abundant. Purpose-Filled.

We’re raising the consciousness of the connections between personal lifestyle choices, environmental exposures, the planet, people and the related impacts on individuals, families, humanity and the planet’s health and well-being.

Why Join the KnoWEwell Community

By joining the KnoWEwell community, members can tap into a myriad of ecosystem benefits*, including:


What People Are Saying About KnoWEwell

This type of program has been talked about for the past 15 years, and now KnoWEwell has finally made it happen. Amazing! -Dr. Bill Manhan

KnoWEwell has it all! I have been praying for one, trusted, centralized resource to learn, find the answers, the providers and hope to address the root cause of my debilitating chronic condition. -Shannon Sabol

The peace of mind KnoWEwell provides, with a safe space, depth of knowledge and giving programs, far exceed the price of their membership. The value truly is priceless! -Beth Kelly

Natural Awakenings Readers Special Prelaunch KnoWEwell Membership Opportunity

As a Natural Awakenings reader, you will be among the first to be notified upon the KnoWEwell Launch, receive a special 10% discount off your membership and be entered into a chance to win a Two-Year Free KnoWEwell Gold Membership plus a WELLthier Living Gift Basket including:


  • 10 Bestselling Wholistic Health & Well-Being Books

  • 2 Professional Provider Organization Health Courses

  • Puritti Water Bottle & Filtration System

  • GIA Cell Phone Guard

  • 3 KnoWEwell Natural Swedish Reusable Dish Cloths


Gifts valued at $450 plus the priceless value of whole health creation through a KnoWEwell two-year Gold membership

(The two-year KnoWEwell Individual Gold Membership is valued at $720 & KnoWEwell Provider Gold Membership is valued at $2,040).