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Food and Lifestyle Education for a New You

Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center is now offering a Food and Lifestyle Program. The program features a choice of ongoing classes for healthy food preparation and mindful eating along with private sessions for nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Participants can learn the art and science behind an eating plan that puts them in charge of their own health.  Individuals can also learn wellness fundamentals—such as sleep habits, seasonal influences, exercise and more—to ensure optimal health.

A UN study says that the epidemic of chronic, degenerative diseases that is sweeping the western world cannot only be stopped, but it can be reversed. The knowledge and support needed for changes in diet and lifestyle are conveniently offered at one place by expert practitioners of plant-based foods, whole/raw living foods, eating meditation/awareness, Ayurvedic wellness, and nutrition and wellness for cardiovascular and cancer.

A positive impact on many areas of the psychological and physical health—including weight loss or gain, high blood pressure, headaches, chronic pain, stress reduction and more—may result from the program.

Free consultations are offered for assistance. Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center is located at 628 Twin Ponds Road in Breinigsville. To register, call 610-395-3355 or visit for more information. See ad, page 35.

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