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Saving the Planet Leaves Lasting Impressions


For homeowners looking to go green and provide a safe place for kids and pets, Lasting Impressions Landscaping is offering an innovative, holistic and proactive approach to beautiful lawn care and maintenance. Along with landscaping services such as hardscaping, mowing, slit seeding and dethatching, Lasting Impressions is now offering a 100 percent organic fertilizer that is holistic, all-natural, food-grade and 100 percent plant based to support a truly green lawn and healthy neighborhoods.

“This organic product is safe and eliminates phosphates and nitrates that could end up in our rivers and streams,” states Lori Foglio. “The organic fertilizer has been tested for over 15 years, and, combined with proper maintenance, it will improve your lawns root development—making the entire lawn more drought tolerant and requiring less water during the hot summer months. The fertilizer is also a natural weed suppressor, insect and grub suppressor and controls fungus and disease in your lawn.”

For more information regarding Lasting Impression Landscaping or to take advantage of their 10 percent off pre-paid program, call 570-420-8858. 

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