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Lecture Aimed at Youthful Thinkers


Nobody wants to be told they don’t measure up. Nobody wants to feel they’re not making the grade. Yet that’s what the world tells us every day—either directly or subtly. Society’s suggested remedies—more money, more friends, more stuff—ultimately turn out to be a cheat, never delivering lasting satisfaction.

Norm Bleichman, a Christian Science speaker, has found a more reliable and permanent answer based on a spiritual perspective of the teachings in the Bible. He’ll be talking on the topic, “You Are Enough” at 2 p.m. on April 15 at Cedar Crest College. The lecture is primarily aimed at teens and 20-somethings, but all youthful thinkers will find value in his message.

After graduating from college, Bleichman served in the US Navy, including a tour of duty in Vietnam. For the past 20 years his main career focus has been in media, communications and video production. Now, he devotes his time to helping people find answers and healing through spiritual prayer.

Cedar Crest College is located at 1 Oberkotter Hall in Allentown. For more information call 610-841-0359 or 610-282-2313.

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