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Intro to Transitions Lehigh Valley


Transitions Lehigh Valley (TLV), officially recognized by Transition US as a local hub organized to inspire and support town and neighborhood initiatives, will offer a mini-presentation at the April 11 Green Drinks gathering from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the Allentown Brew Works. Here, those in attendance can learn more about the Transition Movement and how to come together as a community to deal with transitioning from oil dependency to local resilience.

Unleashing the collective genius of the community to address urgent problems such as economic instability, resource depletion and climate change can make it happen. Although Transition doesn’t provide a set of answers, it provides a process for engaging, empowering and taking the lead from the grassroots—from the people living in each community.

The general strategies for any area or community might be to: find local folks who would constitute working groups that would focus on one or more facets of positive “what next” visions, like producing food in school, home, community, and workplace gardens; and find individuals who would like to be the initiating committee of a Transition in their own city or town. 

Transitions Lehigh Valley is available for presentations to introduce those interested in learning more. A one-session introduction, a multiple session introduction, as well as a “how to bring transition to your community” series is available. For information or to schedule a session, email [email protected] 

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