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Reset the Mind, Lose Weight


To help individuals unleash their potentials and break through personal barriers to weight loss, Mindful Change Hypnotherapy, of Forks Township, is offering hypnotherapy sessions that can help implement the positive life changes that many people struggle with. Hypnotherapy offered by Mindful Change is a combination of insightful talk therapy, an offering of realistic strategies for success and a hypnosis session—a therapeutic state of deep relaxation.

According to Certified Hypnotherapist, Ashley Taylor, during this natural state, positive suggestions and affirmations are offered to the subconscious mind. “When individuals are deeply relaxed, the critical part of one’s conscious mind is bypassed, allowing the subconscious mind to absorb beneficial information critical for change,” she says. “The subconscious can successfully address concerns such as weight management and help people “reset” their belief patterns. When the take home hypnotherapy session is used consistently, the positive suggestions become positive habits which can lead to positive changes in the physical body. Weight Loss, along with countless other concerns, can be resolved through hypnotherapy when one possesses the intent and willingness to change their mind and change their lives.”

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