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Endangered Species: Men


Acupuncturist and herbalist, Lisa Baas, will present a seminar focused on how to protect boys and men from toxins in the environment, from 6 to 8 p.m., June 18 at her office in Emmaus. Participants will learn how to detox from harmful chemicals and keep the body healthy.

According to Baas, men are failing to thrive, and even worse, their health is failing. “Women outpace men in college and the workplace,” states Baas. “Boys are four to five times more likely to develop autism than girls, and birth defects and genital abnormalities are on the rise for boys.” She says males are threatened because of toxins in the environment. Suspected culprits are xenobiotics, which are chemical substances not normally found in the human body, and estrogen-mimicking chemicals like BPH. “Estrogenic compounds are found in food, herbicides, pesticides, plastics and health care products,” she continues. “These are sources of exposure for foreign chemicals found in the human body.”

Lisa Baas Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is located at 860 Broad Street in Emmaus. For more information, call 610-967-0515. 

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