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PASA Adopts Policy Statement

The Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) recently adopted a policy statement on the topic of unconventional natural gas extraction after considering comments from the organization’s members and supporters. In the statement, PASA asserts its position in favor of a moratorium on unconventional gas extraction, until it is determined that this practice will not impair the ability of farms to profitably produce healthy food while respecting Pennsylvania’s air quality, water resources and the natural environment.

PASA struggled with the issue of unconventional natural gas extraction, involving long horizontal drilling and hydro-fracturing, or fracking, for a long time before arriving at this policy statement. “I’m sure many folks will consider this statement to be ‘too little, too late,’” says PASA Executive Director Brian Snyder. “But we really wanted to get this right, considering the needs and interests of our members on all sides of this critical issue, while also firmly adhering to our mission.” The PASA board is hopeful that the statement can serve to rally interest in examining the natural gas extraction industry more closely at a time when lower prices have also raised questions about its economic feasibility.

To read the policy statement in its entirety, or for more information, visit

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