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Shanthi Seeks Support


Jeremy Brandt, a local award-winning videographer, has completed a 10-minute video for Shanthi Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping at-risk youth and underserved communities in the Lehigh Valley. The video is an initial step in outreach and fundraising for programming and teacher training in 2012-2013.

Most of Shanthi Project’s incarcerated students are trauma survivors.  Trauma has a profound and enduring effect on mind, body, and spirit.  Research from The Trauma Center in Boston, MA has shown that treating the whole person inclusive of a yoga practice allows a trauma survivor to reconnect to body, mind and emotions. The majority of students also live with addiction. The Yoga 12-Step Recovery (Y12SR) program, developed by Nikki Myers, has shown to be an ideal complement to the substance abuse 12-Step Recovery program. The goal is to have Myers train 10 teachers in this program in 2012-13. To accomplish their goals, Shanthi Project is seeking financial support of the community, and is hoping to raise $8,000 or more.

For more information including a planned yoga fundraiser in October, visit the Shanthi Project Facebook page or 

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