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Local Artist Launches Inspirational Memoir


Pana Columbus, an Emmaus based transformation coach, workshop facilitator and speaker, has published her memoir, She Wore Blue Invoking the Water, on Kindle. This true story recounts Columbus’s experiences of learning how to listen to the deepest calling of her heart and following it—no matter where it led her—including to the island of Crete, into the jungles of Hawaii and with the Bedouin in the Egyptian White Desert.

After hearing a photographer’s story about quitting her unsatisfying corporate job and miraculously manifesting thousands with which she started her photography business, Columbus was inspired to leave her 10-year career as a New York actress. Weeks later, she manifested her own thousands and traveled to Greece, Hawaii and Egypt on a spiritual treasure hunt that transformed her to the core. The memoir is ideal reading for anyone needing a jolt of “anything’s possible” or a dose of juiciness, vitality, inspiration or courage.

For more information, visit Hear Pana speak on Creating Heaven on Earth Now at 12:30 p.m. on September 23 at 860 Broad Street Emmaus during a Day of Wellness Open House.

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