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Natural Awakenings Lehigh Valley

Air Products Employees Aid Grassland Management


Forty-three employees of Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., in Allentown, participated in a “Day of Caring” at Lehigh Gap Nature Center. After a brief introduction to the restoration work by LGNC Director Dan Kunkle, Dr. Jen Lansing, ecological consultant for the Superfund process, led a safety briefing for the volunteers. The volunteers were then divided into groups, with an LGNC intern assigned to work with each group.

Most of the teams were engaged in cutting birch trees and dragging them to one of several paths in the grassland area where they worked. The cut trees were stacked along the trails for easy access. The dead trees will be chipped and transported to another area of the Superfund site for disposal. Six of the workers teamed up with LGNC’s Corey Husic to help with the monitoring of the forbs. While on the mountain, the workers were treated to various wildlife sightings including Blue Grosbeaks, a Common Nighthawk, a fawn and an adult Bald Eagle. Scott Snyder, one of LGNC’s workers on the site, commented that it would have taken the interns three weeks to accomplish what this crowd did in one day. Kunkle thanked the group, complimenting their work ethic, and also saluted Air Products for supporting this day of caring by allowing workers to volunteer for LGNC while being paid their regular salary.

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