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Greenshire Creates Holistic School


Greenshire Arts Consortium has created a holistic middle school, to be located just east of Quakertown, whose focus is to prepare students to live confident and inspired lives as responsible stewards of self, community and planet. The curriculum promotes academic excellence, creative self-expression and an opportunity where students can truly develop their whole being.

The school’s philosophy is based upon caring, support and appreciation, providing opportunities for students to explore both inwardly and outwardly. While acquiring knowledge and skills, meaningful growth and transformative change are applauded as each student begins developing into an interdependent adult.

This philosophy has been inspired by Jiddu Krishnamurti, as he affirmed, “If the unity of life and the oneness of its purpose could be clearly taught to the young, how much brighter would be our hopes for the future!” Equally inspiring from the Dalai Lama: “The good person, the student who is caring, compassionate, peaceful and tolerant. The student who sees all humanity as brothers and sisters. The student whose heart is as well-educated as their mind.”

For those interested in joining this creative endeavor, contact [email protected] or 215-538-0976. For detailed information, visit 

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