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Dr. Maulfair Presents Three Health Seminars


The Maulfair Medical Center will host three health seminars during November and December. Beginning at noon, November 3, Dr. Conrad Maulfair will discuss the role of cholesterol in health. On November 17, at noon, he will discuss the problems of aging including heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and lack of energy. This discussion explains the cause of these problems, and will explain chelation therapy. Executive Director Coleen Maulfair will help individuals understand how to live healthy in a toxic world during her presentation at 10 a.m., December 1. Participants will learn exactly how toxins affect their health and cause disease.

Dr. Maulfair is an osteopathic physician who brings four decades of knowledge and experience in alternative, complementary medicine to his patient care. He is certified in family practice and radiology. Trained in traditional and alternative disciplines, Maulfair brings the best of both worlds to his patients.

The Maulfair Medical Center is located at 2970 Corporate Court, in Orefield. For more information, or to reserve, call 610-682-2104 or visit 

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