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Natural Awakenings Lehigh Valley

Everyday Oils: A Gift for Health

Dec 11, 2012 02:24PM


This holiday season, therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living provide a unique gift idea that can actually promote good health. Young Living specializes in growing, distilling and selling therapeutic-grade essential oils. With more than 140 different essential oils and essential oil blends from which to choose, shoppers are sure to find something for everyone on their list.

The Everyday Oils kit is an easy way to learn how to utilize essential oils for health. The kit contains the single oils of lemon (a refreshing cleanser); lavender (a fragrant healer); Frankincense (a spiritual awakener); and peppermint (a cooling oil). It also contains several essential oil blends including Valor (enhances courage); Peace and Calming (the Peacemaker); Pan Away (eases pain and suffering); Purification (a natural bug repellent); and Thieves (protection for plagues).

For more than 20 years, Young Living has guaranteed premier quality essential oils by starting with plants from heirloom seeds grown in organic soil, cultivated with natural fertilizer, watered by melting snow and distilled by using custom distillery equipment.

For more information, call Jackie Kern at 800-759-6850, or visit 

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