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Honeybee Revolution


Rodale Institute, in partnership with Meme Thomas of Baltimore Honey, has introduced the Thomas Hybrid Hive a new, redesigned beehive. Located on the Institute’s 333-acre organic farm, in Kutztown, each hive is handmade in Baltimore, Maryland and is designed to accommodate the specific needs of honeybees, closely mimicking their natural environment.

The Thomas Hybrid Hive combines features of the Langstroth hive and the Kenya top-bar hive. This unique design allows beekeepers to easily steward healthy and productive honeybees with natural methods and practices. In developing this hive, Thomas drew on scientific research on honeybee behavior and practices to create the best habitat for the pollinators.

In conjunction with the partnership, Rodale Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to pioneering organic farming through research and outreach, has established a Honeybee Conservancy and Stewardship Group. Conservancy participants can purchase their own Thomas Hybrid Hive and take a beekeeping workshop, February 23 and 24, taught by Meme Thomas, followed by an apiary opening, April 27.  

For more information or to sign up to be a part of the program, call Megan Kinzer at 610-683-1443 or visit

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