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Fear No Tick

For people interested in camping, fishing, sitting on a beach or enjoying the great outdoors, Tick Tackler offers an alternative to using harmful chemical bug sprays including toxic chemicals like DEET.

The Tick Tackler Outdoor Bug Protection Patch is a transdermal patch that slowly releases vitamin B1 into the dermal skin layer of the body, becoming effective in two hours. The vitamin B1 is then slowly released through the skins pores through sweat glands. Combined with the body’s own chemistry it produces an invisible, odorless shield. Wearing one out in the fields and woods is extremely effective against all blood sucking insects including mosquitoes, flies, sand flies, no-see-ums, fleas, ticks, gnats, chiggers and deerflies. These patches work for 36 hours and stay effective in water.

The patches are sold in 10 patch boxes for $13.95, plus shipping. Wholesale inquiries are welcome. For more information, call All Things Sustainable at 610-421-8070. 

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