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Ayurvedic Treatments by Betsy Montanari in Bethlehem


Kula Heart Yoga & Wellness Center is now offering ayurvedic treatments designed to help stimulate and aid the removal of toxins, as well as create a deep sense of balance. They use oil blends from Sarada Ayurvedic Remedies, prepared in India in the traditional way.

The herbs are collected and purified before being added to the oil. They are cooked in a time-honored tradition on a slow fire in brass vessels and allowed to mature for at least 30 days, with constant care and intention. The herbs have a chance to permeate and energize the oil, which then acts as the carrier, bringing the healing effects deeply into the body.

Treatments include an herbal oil treatment and exfoliation. The dry, silk-glove exfoliation, followed by a rhythmic, full-body application of warm herbalized oils, custom-blended for each ayurvedic body type, rejuvenates the immune system and balances the body/mind.

Location: 400 Bath Pike (512/Center St.) Ste. 201, Bethlehem, PA. For more information, call Susan Amato, LMT, RYT, at 610-746-5852 or visit 

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