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Free Health Lectures from Dr. Maulfair


Lehigh Valley Magazine readers have selected Dr. Conrad Maulfair as the Best of the Valley alternative medical specialist for 2013. He will present a series of three seminars in August. All begin at 6:30 p.m.

On August 13, Maulfair will discuss problems of aging, including high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and lack of energy. On August 20, the topic is the role of digestion and all it means for overall health and well-being. On August 27, Coleen Maulfair will talk about the underlying causes of health problems and symptoms, including toxins and their impact on health.

“Your health problem is not a demand by the body for a medical drug; it is a warning that something is amiss,” states Maulfair. “Instead of matching symptoms to the latest drug recommendation he finds out what is really going on, saying, “Depressed? What is your vitamin D level? Tired out? That is a long list, including hormone status and dietary problems, or sometimes Lyme disease. Chronic problems are an indication that you are toxic or you are missing something essential for health.”

 Maulfair Medical Center Conference Room is located at 2970 Corporate Ct., Ste. 1, Orefield, PA. For more information, call 610-682-2104. 

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