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Finding Career Wellness


Career Wellness Partners offers mindful solutions for career discovery to help clients align who they are with what they do. Stress from work manifests in the body and can compromise overall well-being, and Certified Career Coach, Barbara Berger helps clients explore their current career path, change focus, overcome barriers to success or find clarity in a state of transition.

With her background as a Hiring Manager for a local HR organization, Berger says, “In addition to my skill set, I have a fierce hunger for sharing the power of mindfulness as it relates to career discovery. This combination forms the backbone of my coaching practice.”

Specializing in mid-career professionals, women in transition and undeclared students (and their parents) her model encourages clients to view career discovery as a lifelong process. To reduce stress and uncover the path to career wellness, Berger helps clients embrace the magnificent power of the unknown, cultivate gut instinct and, most importantly, move beyond fear to action.

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