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Hypnotherapy that Focuses on the Soul


Life’s Path Regression Hypnotherapy has opened in Saucon Valley, specializing in regression therapy, or guiding clients to recall some of their long-forgotten or repressed past memories.

Traditional, suggestion-focused hypnotherapy, the most common impression of hypnosis, can be a very effective tool in addressing various emotional or emotionally based physiological problems. However, in a conscious state during intake interviews, clients are often unable to pinpoint the true cause of their issues.

If they only receive positive suggestions, instilled directly in the subconscious by the hypnotherapist in a relaxed state without searching their subconscious or superconscious minds under regression to identify a source event, the issue might return or manifest itself in a different way. Regression focuses on recovering these memories. 

At Life’s Path, assisting clients in reaching their inner selves by linking all facets of the mind is the most significant part of the Regressionists’ work in hypnotherapy. People gain insight into the motives of their behavior by understanding their soul.

For more information, call 610-972-0400 or email [email protected] 

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