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Why We Live After Death


Since the beginning of recorded history we have celebrated birth and mourned death. This indicates the importance we place on Earthly life. We have created for ourselves an impression of existence that begins with entry onto this planet and ends with our exit from it. Just as early man believed that the Earth was the center of the universe around which everything revolved, so it seems that many today perceive life on Earth as the focus and center of our existence. The few who challenge the existing concepts arouse only fear in the hearts of those who are thus jolted from their comfortable delusional state. Unfortunately, many religions shroud death and the beyond in mysticism. Is it possible that what we have been led to believe is not necessarily true, and therefore needs to be reexamined?

In the book, Why We Live After Death, Richard Steinpach has successfully brought together two worlds that have remained separated until now: the material world of science and the ethereal world of the spirit. If man consists of more than the physical body, then he must seek to understand the connections between the real “him”, which is materially visible and tangible. Seen in this light, the question of where he goes when his physically tangible body no longer exists becomes crucial.

Dr. Steinpach demystifies the world beyond. He shows how the basic laws of nature, which manifest in the visible world, also take effect in the invisible – but very existent – ethereal world.

Ostensibly about death, the book guides the reader to a source of immense knowledge encompassing every aspect of life and provides a starting point for living consciously from birth to death and beyond.

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