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Ozone Therapy for Herniated Discs


Dr. Mikhail Artamonov, in East Stroudsburg, is offering a cutting-edge oxygen/ozone therapy to treat lumbar disc herniation that has failed to respond to conservative management as a recourse before surgery or when surgery is not possible.

Treatment consists of an injection of oxygen and ozone to treat a herniated disc. There are two types: an injection outside of the disc and an injection directly into the disc. The ozone injection directly into the disc reacts with the inner disc material to reduce inflammation, shrinking the disc and the hernia.

The outpatient procedure is performed using local anesthesia. A needle is guided to the disc using a fluoroscope to make the injections. After the procedure, patients will lie down for about six hours to keep pressure off the disc and prevent the ozone from leaking out while it reacts with the inner disc material. Results occur over a period of time, usually six to 12 months, for disc shrinkage to occur.

To schedule a consultation, call 570-872-9800. 

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